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Problem: Inbound carrier package volumes are growing and traditional letter mail is decreasing


Implications: Mailboxes go unused and critical, time-sensitive carrier packages pile up in cramped areas

Peak periods are a strain on your systems and staff resources

Many recipients are not able to access their mail and deliveries at traditional times


The problem is that traditional automated and manual methods of mail and package receipt, recipient notification, delivery confirmation and research can’t keep up. Why?

Expensive & complicated single use devices

IT intensive software needs to be installed and maintained

Limited notification options

Can’t easily swipe ID cards

Restrictive user licensing

No shared access to data

Intelligent parcel locker systems can’t be easily integrated

Tracking assets and other accountable items requires costly customization


Solution: BlazarTrak solves all these problems and more!

Turns your PC and Apple mobile device into a high-speed smart scanners that quickly captures carrier tracking information, time of receipt, and the person who received the package.

Automatically notifies recipient via email or text when you want with package status message(s).

Integrates with BlazarLockers to provide 24/7 secure access and reduce package delivery requirements.

Apple mobile device captures a digital delivery signature and documents who the package was delivered to, recipient’s signature, messenger’s name, date and time of delivery.

Speed up multi-package deliveries to same department with BlazarTrak’s Group Delivery functions.

Scan a barcode or even swipe the magnetic strip on an ID card instead of getting a signature.

When proof of delivery is required, authorized users simply log onto your BlazarTrak web portal for detailed package delivery reports that can be emailed to recipient. 

Advanced Google Search feature means you can retrieve comprehensive package delivery information in seconds!

BlazarTrak Benefits:


No software to install...sign up, we flip the switch and you're tracking packages in minutes!

Little to no IT resources required

Unlimited users, delivery data and package storage

All client data is stored securely, using military grade encryption on Rack Space servers

All training, support and updates included

Custom reminder, attempted delivery and delivery email/text notifications

Barcode label printing to track items that require barcodes

Secure database allows you to give access to data, greatly reducing package status phone calls

Google search gives supervisors and internal customers quick access to detailed package history

Download free app to get started

Intuitive user interface little to no training needed

Fully mobile system can capture package detail anywhere

Intelligent BlazarLockers give recipients 24/7 secure access to their packages

High density mail boxes reduce mail sorting time, save space, and money

Easily accommodates the tracking of other accountable items (IT Assets, Files, Print Deliveries, Inter-office mail, equipment sign-out desks)

Fast & efficient processing of packages saves money by reducing labor

Increases internal customer satisfaction

Improves image and efficiency


Operating Requirements:

Apple iPhone generation 4S or newer

Apple iPod Touch 5, 32GB

Apple iPad Version 3 or newer

Apple iPad Mini

Wi-Fi or 4G connection required

Internet Access using Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 9 or newer, Safari, or Firefox

Allocadence is a cloud-based inventory management system tailored for institutional applications. We help organizations phase out manual inventory control processes wherever they are still in use by deploying a solution built from the ground up to capitalize on web and mobile technologies. The result is a modernized process that is easier to execute, less time consuming and less prone to human error.


Powerful API to connect and communicate directly with existing 3rd party software systems.


PO and Receiving Management, Pick/Pack Verification, Automated Alerts, and more.



Unlimited user accounts, transactions, and items to scale easily with your business as it grows.



No server hardware to maintain, no local software to manage. Allocadence servers are centrally located in a secure U.S. data center with 99.99% up time and automatic data backup.



Eliminate the hassle of paper record, improve accuracy, and increase accountability by electronically documenting all inventory transactions and stock quantities.


Powerful integrations with 3rd party systems using our Allocadence API.


Meet your organizational requirements with a customizable feature set and scalable architecture.


Personalized, professional onboarding + project management + system testing included to ensure a successful launch.


Maintain ideal stock levels with automated reorder alerts


Allocadence makes it easy to manage your inventory with customizable automation to match your internal processes. Throw away the spreadsheets and automatically track quantities in real time with alerts to notify you when it’s time to reorder.

Cycle Counting

Par Levels

Inventory Location




Using a computer, tablet, mobile, or handheld device, your Allocadence purchase order and receiving processes ensure that incoming stock is handled accurately and efficiently. Inventory levels are updated based on the actual quantities received, with a helpful alert when there are variances from the supplier. You can even assign items to specific locations in your warehouse as you receive them, allowing for expedited cycle counts and order picking later in the process.


Purchase Order Management

Order Picking

Flexible Receiving Options

Customized Put-Away Tracking



Through our shipping partner, OnShip, Allocadence has the power of almost unlimited integration. Orders from all your online marketplaces will automatically sync to Allocadence and you can skip the hassle of a manual data import. And if you need to quickly see how order activity translates into your financial big picture, no problem – Allocadence also has built-in support for QuickBooks.

E-Commerce Integration

Shipping Integration

Order Fulfillment

QuickBooks Integration



Get thorough reporting at the touch of a button. You can download reports on your inventory, shipments, purchasing, and more – conveniently formatted as PDF or CSV:

Inbound Reports

Purchasing Reports

Inventory Reports

Client Summary Reports

Custom Reports

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