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This multiple tabber/stamp affixer is the only machine available in its price range that tabs 1 to 3 tabs or stamps in-line. Capable of handling medium range production consistently, reliably, and quickly, it works at speeds of up to 25,000 pieces per hour placing accurate and tight closed tabs. Friendly firmware enables easy setup and smooth operation.

Key Features

Innovative side tabbing enables greater consistency

Places up to 3 tabs per piece according to USPS® regulations

In-line or built-in feeder for stand alone applications

Optional CD-860 conveyor stacker and drop tray

Optional FF-20 friction feeder

Whether it‘s side-to-side or single tabbing, the ATS-309 tabbing machine will make your job more productive and efficient with speeds up to 25,000 pieces per hour. It also meets the newest postal regulations to ensure accuracy every time.

Key Features


Speeds up to 25,000 pcs./hour placing accurate and tightly closed tabs

Applies tabs on 2 sides of the mailpiece in a single pass

Applies USPS® sensitive roll stamps

Apply 1.5“ tabs side-to-side or top-to-side

Fast and versatile, these top-of-the-line, high-end tabletop labelers/tabbers handle up to 35,000 pcs./hr. and up to three tabs in one pass. They apply clear, translucent, or paper tabs with ease in a variety of tab sizes and can apply up to 4“ wide. An innovative side tab application allows maximum productivity – simply load large tab rolls and jobs keep running.

Key Features

Production speeds of up to 35,000 pcs./hr.; double tab at 30,000 pcs./hr.

Applies tabs, labels, or USPS® stamps one, two, or three at a time

Available in a console model (ATS-9950)

Optional CD-860 conveyor-stacker and drop tray

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