The PostBase 65 Automatic Mail Machine processes up to 65 letters per minute. It is 44% faster than the PostBase 45, delivering more capacity in several important aspects, including the 15lb scale weight and 50 cost accounts.

The PostBase 65 comes standard with a fully automatic feeder/sealer, which eases the pain of sending large mail volumes. Paired with multi-carrier software, PostBase 65 turns into a highly efficient mailing and shipping system.

Key Features:

Standard automatic feeder/sealer

65 letters per minute

15lb integrated scale

50 standard accounts

RemoteOne PC control software

ReportOne account management software

30 custom indicia advertisements

12 custom text messages

20 presets (shortcuts)


Typical Usage:

Mid-Volume: Small-midsize businesses that process frequent mixed mail, as well as individual high volume mailings.

Professional: Mid-volume medical, law and insurance companies that require postage cost charge back to cost centers, clients and/or departments.

Parcel & Freight Shipping: Integrate our powerful, low cost multi-carrier parcel/freight shipping software to your host and use as a full featured shipping system with built in rate discounts across nearly 100 domestic and global carriers. Perfect for thriving, high volume e-commerce businesses and online order consolidation across multiple store fronts.

PostBase 65 Automatic Mail Machine

  • $63 per month.