The PostBase 45 Automatic Mail Machine processes up to 45 letters per minute. It's 50% faster than the PostBase 30 and comes standard with more capacity in several important aspects, including the 10lb scale weight and 20 cost accounts.

The fully automatic feeder/sealer, the PostBase 45 turns it into a true workhorse for larger mail volumes. You’ll especially appreciate the auto-feeder when faced with large, unexpected piles of mail that need to be quickly processed in a single session. Simply stack the envelopes and let the machine do the rest.


Key Features:

Automatic feeder/sealer

45 letters per minute

10lb integrated scale

20 standard accounts

RemoteOne (PC control software)

20 custom indicia advertisements

10 custom text messages

10 presets (shortcuts)


Typical Usage:

Low-Mid Volume: Small businesses process a steady mix of mail with occasional higher volume projects.

New or Growing: Businesses that anticipate growth where the auto-feeder/sealer can accommodate future needs.


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PostBase 45 Automatic Mail Machine

  • $55 per month