Print graphics, logos, and barcodes at up to 600 dpi with the AJ-2650 a six-head printer, and AJ-2800, an eight-head printer. A key feature is the split multiple printhead configuration that allows mailers to print the recipient address, return address, and permit indicia all in a single pass. Built-in cartridge station keeps your mailroom tidy and extends the life of print cartridges, helping save on expenses and environmental impact. Unique top-load feed mechanism quickly processes up to 750 #10 envelopes at up to 3/8“ thickness. Visible ink level display helps ensure mailroom productivity.

  • Up to 4“ of stitched printing in one pass
  • Built-in cartridge station
  • Parallel and high-speed USB 2.0 port
  • Optional conveyor/stacker and drop tray

AJ-2800 Address Printer

SKU: AJ2800
  • Speed up to 30,000 pieces per hr.
    Print quality from 150 to 600 dpi
    Print area 2.5″ x 15″ w/ 9″ vertical range
    Material size length (5″ to 15″), width (3″ to 13.5″)
    Material thickness up to 3/8″
    Dimensions 11.5″ (H) x 19.56″ (L) x 20″ (W)
    Weight 69 lbs.
    Print technology HP45A Inkjet
  • Free domestic ground shipping