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Mailing Systems

MailOne™ 2.0 software is the ultimate tool to monitor, manage, track and reduce your postal expenditures.

Adding MailOne™ 2.0 to your PostBase™ mailing system allows you to enjoy huge savings on postage costs with Commercial Base Pricing and Return Receipt Electronic with Certified Mail®; plus get the most out of your PostBase™ with MailOne™ 2.0’s advance operation, accounting, reporting and tracking.

Printer Features:

  • Print documents, envelopes, addresses, attention lines, postal barcodes, return addresses, and/or permit indicias quickly and efficiently.

  • Supports Intelligent Mail Barcodes (IMB), the next generation of barcode technology that can lower your postal rates and allow faster delivery.

  • Lightening speeds from 4,300 to 36,000 pieces-per-hour.

  • Sharp, brilliant full color from 300 to 1200 dpi for striking graphics and crisp text.

  • Meet all USPS® Requirements.

  • Fit comfortably on desktop or tabletop.

Imagine the opportunity cost of time lost from manually folding paper sheets for mailing jobs. It’s a tedious, time-consuming task, but there is an easy remedy: A folding machine from Blazar Communications.


Key Features of All Blazar Folders:

  • Quiet

  • Heavy duty

  • Easy to set up and operate

  • Allow a variety of paper types

  • Handle stapled sets

  • Execute all popular fold types, including custom settings

Manually collating, folding and stuffing letters, invoices, brochures and other mail pieces can be extremely tedious and time consuming. Folding-inserting equipment automates this process by providing an efficient and cost-effective way to prepare materials for mailing.

All Blazar folder-inserter machines have the following key features:

  • Feed, fold, insert, seal and stack.

  • Control with user-friendly color touch screens.

  • Combine multiple sheets for insertion into envelopes.

  • Handle various sizes of envelopes and documents.

  • Accept stapled sets.

FP Mail Equipment Furniture is designed to not only turn heads, but provide superior protection for FP machines.

  • Our engineers worked with Hamilton Sorter to create a line of furniture that increases the lifespan of your FP™ Mailing machines. These sturdy furniture products were designed to prevent sagging and vibrations that can damage heavy mailroom equipment.

  • Our furniture line reduces equipment downtime and service calls by providing a strong, stable platform, leaving your mailroom fully functioning and efficient.

  • Safety is our greatest concern. FP™ furniture eliminates worry about wobbly, weak or underrated tables that could injure your workers.

Automate your mailing operations with time-saving labeling, tabbing, and stamping technology. Blazar's complete selection of tabbers, labelers, and stampers are easy to use and efficient. Every model boasts high processing speed, versatility to accommodate a range of materials and durability.

  • Tabbing machines (mail letter sealing systems) can save postage costs by allowing you to take advantage of Shape-Based Pricing postal discounts.

  • Labeling machines automate the process of affixing addresses, postage indicia, and messaging on a variety of media.

  • Stamping machines affix traditional standard or permit stamps, resulting in higher open rates.

Make quick work of processing incoming mail with these speedy envelope openers. With speeds ranging from 24,000 to 40,000 pieces per hour, you’re sure to find an appropriate solution to dramatically reduce the time required to open letters and mail received in your mailroom or office.

Postage Meter Choices & Options

  • Track & report postage by cost centers or accounts with all mailing systems.

  • Available commercial-grade postal scales calculate postage for you.

  • Easily update your mailing system with the latest USPS postal rates.

  • Take advantage of USPS commercial pricing discounts that offer the best shipping rates on packages.

  • Friendly & fair meter pricing options for a broad range of business mailing needs.

  • We offer USA and German engineered, high quality products.

Need a simple way to save money and increase productivity? Our document management software and compliance camera arrays help you maintain 100% integrity for your critical customer communications:


  • Intelligent Document Management

  • Variable Data Processing & Database Cleansing

  • Compliance Cameras For Individual Envelope Time & Date Stamp Imaging

  • Secure & Tracked Email Delivery

  • Closed Loop Job Run Management & Reporting

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