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How fast is the LO 440? It can open a stack of 100 envelopes in under 15 seconds!

Instead of tiresome envelope opening by hand or slower automatic machines, let the LO-440 zip through envelope batches with smooth efficiency, leaving you time for other tasks.

The L- 440 is renowned for long lasting, trouble-free operation, and even sharpens its own cutting blades if they get nicked by a staple or paper clip.

Key Features

Feeding: The large input hopper has three belts that help the machine adjust to different size envelopes on the fly. You place a big stack of mail in the hopper and let the LO-440 do the rest automatically.

Mixed-Size Processing: You don’t need to presort your envelopes by size before feeding. Just stack everything together, tap down on one edge to push contents away from the cutting side, and place the batch in the hopper. The LO-440 adapts to different sizes on the fly.

Large Envelope Capability: The LO-440 ably handles envelopes up to 10”x14” and 3/8″ (10mm) thick. That includes most flats and heavy “overnight delivery” envelopes.

Dual HSS Self-Sharpening Cutting Blades: Made from hardened high-speed steel, the blades are resistant to nicks from clips, and staples. They provide precise, full-length cutting, and are self-sharpening to extend longevity.

Variable Cutting Width: You control how deep the blades cut into the envelopes to avoid damaging envelope contents.

The 2112 can open long runs of mixed-size envelopes at up to 24,000 pieces per hour. Instead of struggling to keep pace with medium-to-high volumes of incoming mail, you’ll relax as the 2112 gives you a long life of reliable, efficient operation.

This robust envelope opener uses a powerful milling cutter that creates precise feathered cut edges, eliminating the risk of painful paper cuts when removing envelope contents.

The milling technology creates fine, dense paper chips that collect in a large waste bin, allowing for long uninterrupted runs.

Key Features

Milling Cutter Technology: The 2112’s milling cutter creates soft finger-friendly edges, sending the cuttings cleanly into a large waste bin.

Large Envelope Capacity: The machine can handle envelope lengths up to 13.5″ and nearly ¼” thick, including most cardboard “overnight delivery” envelopes like USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate.

Input and Output: The feeding mechanism adjusts automatically to mixed sizes of mail, and the adjustable output tray can accommodate large envelopes, flats, and overnight envelopes.

Automatic Counter & Display: Use the easy-viewing counter to track and record how many envelopes you process. The display also features a “Catch Tray Full” indicator, signaling you to empty the waste bin.

Cut Depth Setting: The 2112 has two cut-depth settings for normal and thicker mail, as well as a “no-cut” setting to simply count envelopes.

The 306 offers the speed and features needed in high volume incoming mail centers. Able to open 100 letters in under 10 seconds (40,000 pieces per hour), this machine will make quick work of all your envelopes, including large flats and overnights up to ½” thick.

Milling cutting means your opened mail has safe, soft-feathered edges, while preventing damage to envelope contents.

The enhanced sorter option (Model 306s) adds the ability to separate opened mail into two different output paths based on programmable length, width and/or thickness. This lets you group “clean” and “exception” mail before distributing to recipients.

The 306s is the world’s fastest envelope opener/sorter, making it the appropriate automation solution for mail centers with large volumes of inbound mail.

Standard Features

High Speed for High-Volume Incoming Mail: The 306 blasts through envelopes so fast, you may have trouble keeping the feeder full. At up to 40,000 envelopes/hour, this satisfies the needs of most large volume mail centers.

Advanced Cutting Technology: The milling cutter has eight cut-depth positions, and is able to cut to depths as small as 1/10 inch, preventing damage to envelope contents. The cutter makes soft, feathered edges on the envelope openings, which guards against paper cuts, and generates waste as tiny paper chips. It includes a “no-cut” position for envelope counting modes.

Control Panel: The 306 comes with a user-friendly control panel and sharp LCD display with integrated software that makes setting flexible job criteria easy. It supports multiple users with password security.

Retractable, Ergonomic Mail Tray Holders: Operators will appreciate the integrated slide-out mail tray holders that position input and output bins right where they’re needed.

Optional Features

Sorting: The optional sorter (Model 306s) allows mail separation based on pre-configurable criteria, including envelope height or length or thickness—for example, separating “clean” reply mail of specific dimensions from other “exception” mail. Applications include claims processing, remittance, and mail voting. The 306s can also run in “sort only” mode, which separates mail, but does not open it. Batching separates the mail into batches based on piece counts.

Output Conveyor: The 90° conveyor gives the 306s model expanded output capacity for extending uninterrupted runs.

Reports Printer: Optional report printing lets you print hard copies of processing statistics, which is important for environments like election voting where every step needs an audit trail.

Integrated Envelope Printer: Adding the high-speed printer lets you add text to envelopes during processing. For example, date/time stamps, barcodes, department number OR sequence codes. This is useful for industries and applications like insurance, elections, invoice payments, and government agencies.

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