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BlazarDocs Are "Smart" Docs! 

Problem: Businesses struggle trying to retrofit paper style documents into the digital world.

Solution: BlazarDocs offers a more productive and better way to engage your clients with documents in ANY format. A prime example of the current problem is using old-fashioned Adobe PDF-based solutions to “fit” paper-based documents into digital channels.

In short, we have reinvented the document by NOT trying to replicate paper. Instead, we offer a new format built for the digital world. Our format is based on modern web standards which are better suited to delivery on digital devices such as mobile phones, tablets and computers.

Our "secret sauce" marries web technologies (HTML; CSS; Video; Scripting) with document standards to produce a document format that meets all the criteria of a document including full legal compliance. The significant advantage of this approach is that we dynamically adapt to each and every device, as the document is being opened.  Using this approach brings the following advantages over old fashioned document delivery systems:


  • Adjust dynamically to any device they are used on.

  • Can be delivered and consumed in any channel including email; SMS; Mobile App; Online in a self-serve portal; Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp and Print.

  • Allows your client to export information to other systems such as Excel.

  • Creates digital documents that are interactive and engaging.

  • Are client focused and personalised.

  • Allows your client to engage with the document including forms; chat and query functionality.

  • Can include personalized video.  A personalized video contains content explicitly created for that client. Statistics prove that video has open rates as high as 85%!  

Even though we produce dynamic digital documents, printed paper statements are still relevant and essential for some clients. To this end, we can handle print as well as Adobe PDF output as just another output format. In other words, we handle paper or PDF production just as another dynamically rendered channel but not as the underlying core format. This approach is better as it is more natural to adapt our systems for paper output than it is to adjust paper output for digital.

Interested in getting more info or seeing a brief web demo? Contact us!

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