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Blazar Communications Refund Policy


Blazar will make every effort to ensure that the product your business buys is in working order and will be a reliable solution for your business.

In the event that the product delivered is not working at the time of delivery, Blazar will at their discretion, repair or replace the item with a similar product. In the event that the items is not a stocked product, adequate time must be allowed for that product replacement.


Blazar will communicate this estimated replacement time to the client as it is relayed to them by the manufacturer.

For items covered under a maintenance agreement, repair or replacement will be made at Blazar’s discretion to minimize the customer impact.

Supplies or other consumables that are opened are not able to be returned unless failure has occurred. Supplies are replaced in the event of product failure.

Previously owned equipment ( i.e. used, refurbished or demonstration units) are sold as-is unless there is a specific agreement in place. Again, Blazar will make every effort to sell only equipment that is in working order and will remedy issues upon identification of the machine issue that is preventing the machine from performing as described in the sales process.


Should any questions arise about this policy, a customer can submit them in writing to Blazar Communications via e-mail :, or in writing to our mailing address:

Blazar Communications Corporation

32158 Camino Capistrano, Suite A-138

San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675

Thank you for choosing Blazar Communications for your business automation technology needs.


David Haimes

Managing Partner

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