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What’s a Blazar (blā'zär')?

  • Compact quasar associated with a super massive black hole at the center of a giant elliptical galaxy. A Blazar is among the most powerful and energetic phenomena in the universe.

  • Blazar is the perfect name for our company because we offer state of the art in-house hardware and software systems for all your mailing, shipping and tracking automation projects.

  • We also offer powerful, securely compliant statement and direct mail outsourcing services for large projects that can't be done in house. 

  • Whether you choose to process your mail, shipping and tracking in-house or outsource the mail to us, we stand ready to serve you with the strength and energy of a Blazar!

Who is Blazar Communications?


  • We are a technology company dedicated to delivering reliable business communications and logistics solutions to our clients.

  • Mailing and shipping industry experts who strive to improve workflow and production while also lowering shipping costs.

  • Lease and purchase options for mailing, shipping and tracking systems.

  • Wide variety of software and workflow solutions for all your mailing, shipping and tracking needs.

  • We serve clients across the nation with the right mailing, shipping and tracking systems.

Blazar History & Focus

  • Launched in 2011 by mailing & logistics industry experts eager to offer a third alternative to businesses of all sizes.

  • Founders are former Pitney Bowes & Neopost solution sales managers with decades of industry experience and expertise.

  • We are your independent source for top quality business communications, automation and logistics solutions

  • All account managers have 10+ years industry experience

  • We focus on customer satisfaction and have, by far, the lowest customer to service rep ratio in the industry at 1 rep per 50 clients


What Makes Us Unique?


  • We’re independent, meaning we are not tied to one manufacturer. This freedom allows us to find, research and test best in class mailing, shipping and tracking systems that we believe will be a great fit for our valued clients.

  • We only do business with pre-screened manufacturers who offer reliable solutions we trust and pricing that makes sense

  • Our low overhead and well managed fixed costs mean that the supplies you buy from us are about 25% less…we even sell low cost supplies for Neopost and Pitney Bowes mailing systems!

  • Our exclusive Blazar 2020 Gap Analysis Survey uncovers “money leaks” in your current mailing, shipping or asset tracking process. It identifies and quantifies key opportunities for you to lower current expenses, reduce manual labor, streamline workflows and drive more revenue to your bottom-line.

Product Performance Guarantee

  • All new products covered by our maintenance agreement are unconditionally guaranteed to perform to manufacturer specifications.

  • If for any reason our products do not perform up to manufacturer specifications and we cannot repair it, we will replace it with a comparable product.

  • We honor this commitment for 5 years on new products that have a continuous maintenance contract with us.

Why Choose Blazar Communications Corporation?

  • Founded in 2011 as an expert alternative to Pitney Bowes and Neopost

  • Sales, support and billing questions are all handled immediately

  • All parts and supplies are stocked for high uptime & fast delivery

  • Lowest service rep to client ratio in the industry @ 1 service rep per 50 clients



We offer:

  • Turnkey Mail Outsourcing Services

    • Secure, compliant billing, invoicing & statement processing

    • Secure and tracked e-billing services

  • Easy to use in-house document processing & secure e-billing software

  • Camera driven tabletop folder-inserters that image and time stamp each envelope

  • Secure document imaging and scanning services onsite or outsourced

  • Address cleansing, returned mail and change of address (NCOA) database services

  • Incoming package and RFID/GPS asset tracking systems

  • Multi-Carrier parcel & freight shipping software on-site & hosted options

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